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Oldest Hebrew Day School In America outside of New York City
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To participate in the Scholarship Fund, established in memory of R' A. Rosenberg, please click here here

To Sponsor a Day of Learning, please contact R' Yaakov Lefkovitz at: 410-484-6600 ext. 317

To participate in the Annual Raffle, please contact Rabbi Greenfield: 410-484-6600 ext. 314



 Winners of the 97th Anniversary Drawing

Grand Prize: Mr. Edward Pincover

2nd Prize: Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Blashka



  For the Community

Uncle Moishy Concert

Chol HaMoed Adventure

Grandparent's Day

Yahrtzeit and Kaddish

 Community Lecture: R' Frand

Community Lecture: R' Yakov Horowitz

Project Chai: How to Help Children Cope



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Talmudical Academy of Baltimore
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